Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Magnetic Force as the Strong Force

It's been over a year since I proposed that the anticentrifugal force of the Thomas precession might be identified with the strong force.  But, I thought it was something that would have to be added to electrodynamics, not already part of it.  Last week though I started thinking seriously that it needed to be in electrodynamics already, if the latter is truly Lorentz covariant, so over the weekend I looked for it and tentatively I seem to have found it.  At least, neglecting propagation delay effects (which cannot be considered insignificant so addressing them is a next step) I can show how the magnetic force between two charged particles can become attractive independent of the relative polarties of the particles  and so potentially overcome electrostatic repulsion between like charges.  When I solved for the particle separation where this would happen, I got the same result as for the anticentrifugal force.  This is in section VI of the new version of my paper, which is now publicly viewable here: http://arxiv.org/abs/1108.4343v5 .

This has developed quite abruptly and somewhat unexpectedly.  If it's meaningful, I should be able to find the anti-Euler force and another magnetic-like anti-Coriolis force for an accelerating field-source particle, so I will be looking for those.  I've looked previously for physically significant atomic-scale effects of the acceleration fields, though, with no success.  This time I'll be trying more persistently.

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