Saturday, April 6, 2013

A. O. Barut

I want to mention that A. O. Barut argued that the strong force was plausibly related to or derivable from the magnetic force.  I have had this report for some time: Stable Particles as Building Blocks of Matter

Abstract:  Only absolutely stable indestructible particles can be truly elementary. A simple theory of matter based on the three constituents, proton, electron and neutrino (and their antiparticles), bound together by the ordinary magnetic forces is presented, which allows us to give an intuitive picture of all processes of high-energy physics, including strong and weak interactions, and make quantitative predictions.

Here is another I haven't downloaded exceptt for the free preview:

Derivation of strong and weak forces from magnetic interactions in quantum electrodynamics (QED)

Abstract: The principles of magnetic interactions between stable particles are outlined and a simple theory of matter is discussed based on absolutely stable particles proton, electron and neutrino as constituents. Experimental tests are proposed.

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