Saturday, March 11, 2017

More extensions to my paper on ArXiv

This version (v5) obtains that the modulating factor on the inverse-square radial magnetic force between equal mass and parallel-spin zitter particles satisfies the three-dimensional time-dependent Schroedinger equation, except that hbar multiplying the partial derivative with respect to time is replaced by hbar/2.  This equation implies an angular momentum spectrum in terms of integer multiples of hbar, but an energy spectrum in terms of integer multiples of hbar/2.  This is consistent both with the energy per photon as derived in the same paper for a composite photon to be h/2 times the photon frequency, and so that the accepted value of Planck's constant (h) is only half the correct value.  This also implies that the electron g-factor is approximately unity, rather than approximately 2 as currently thought.

Spin-Spin Interaction as Quantum Phase Measurement and the Mechanism of Atom Formation

Next I will go over everything in it again and try to shorten it, and then submit it to a journal.  Since Foundations of Physics published my earlier paper from which this one derives, I plan to submit there.

There is much more I would like to do on it, in particular to try to derive the same result using Hamilton-Jacobi theory, but I have no idea if I can succeed at that or how long it might take, so I think it is a good enough time to submit.  I hope at least they will review it.