Saturday, September 10, 2016

My new paper is publicly viewable

I have just uploaded it to arxiv, so it won't be public there for a few days. But I anticipate they may flag it and question me about my lack of an institution, as they did with my previous paper (although they approved it eventually), so I have also uploaded it already to Researchgate.  It's linkable here:


I will be looking it over and very likely making some tweaks in the next day or so, since it won't get posted to arxiv until probably Tuesday midnight GMT at the earliest.

It's still a bit rough but I've been eager to post something since about a week ago when I was successful in obtaining the de Broglie wave correct superluminal phase velocity, as well as the correct group velocity and wavelength.

It is actually the beginning of a longer paper I've been writing as a sequel to my previous paper, that was published in Foundations of Physics.  Figuring this new bit out has changed my understanding (for the better I believe) and so I now want to revise the rest of it to reflect the better understanding.  Then I will replace the current version with the expanded version, and I plan to submit the full version to Found. Phys.  Also, I made an erratum to offer them.  But the (full version of the) new paper notes the problem (as mentioned in previous blogger posts and already fixed on the arxiv version) in any case.