Saturday, November 5, 2016

Full Version of My New Paper on ArXiv

This is the complete sequel to my previously published paper in Foundations of Physics.  The first two versions on arxiv only concerned the similarities of time-symmetric zitterbewegung radiation to the de Broglie wave.  The new version (v3) continues on, and at least triples the length.

I still plan to rewrite the abstract and add some bits to the introduction, and generally go over all of the narrative and citations, and then submit it to Foundations of Physics, hopefully within the next few weeks.

The new version incorporates all of the extensions of my previous paper that were posted on arxiv as new versions beyond what was in Found Phys.  I will therefore soon be updating that paper on arxiv as well, reverting to the published version with corrections.  I posted that previously as v11 (v10 is the version in Found Phys, except for formatting).  v12 is extended and has some considerable material that is now in the paper linked above.  When I post v13, it will be the corrected version that was v11, but I will add the erratum I have written but not yet posted or provided to Foundations of Physics.  I plan to submit the erratum and the new paper to Foundations of Physics at about the same time, although as separate submittals.  Here is to the latest: