Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Did I explain the de Broglie wavelength?

I've been working for the last week or so to extend my paper (although not in the direction suggested by Reviewer 1) and I think I've made some real progress.  I was thinking that I might be able to obtain the Bohr velocity as the speed where the phase difference between the retarded and advanced zitter motions is pi.  This would tend to cancel the zbw magnetic force.  It turned out it worked; I got (pi over 2 times) the Bohr velocity if the separation is the Bohr radius.  It's a completely distinct relationship between range and velocity than the circular orbit Coulomb attraction one, so it's not a trivial thing.

A couple of days later I got to thinking that probably the de Broglie wavelength relationship was implicit in what I had done, and when I looked at my equations, I could see it right away.  So I cleaned it up a little and stuck it up on arxiv.  It's got an extraneous factor of a half in it, however, that I hope to resolve soon.  Also all I did was add a new section (V) and one sentence to the abstract.  I'll be making a more extensive revision soon enough for resubmittal to FOOP and will replace it again in any case, and certainly I will relace it promptly if I can resolve the excess factor of a half.

As of this writing the version is 6.  Here is the link to the newest version:

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