Thursday, June 20, 2013

My submittal to the PIERS Conference

PIERS is the Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium in Stockholm this August, where I am accepted to give a talk.  Acceptance for the talk is separate from publication of a paper in the proceedings, though, and I haven't yet received a decision about my submitted paper.  But, as I mentioned previously, I discovered a sign error that enabled a major re-write since the paper was submitted. These changes make the whole argument much more convincing, I believe.   Also, the current arxiv version (v5) is obsolete and it will be some time before I can get a revision up of that.  So, I have posted the revised conference paper as a dataset on Researchgate here

This version is the first where I could make the argument work using the equation for the angular velocity of the Thomas precession per the Jackson Classical Electrodynamics textbook, which is the more widely-accepted form compared to that proposed by Malykin, that I was forced to use previously.  

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