Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Haz Cites

One of them was expected and I posted about it previously (but see also here), but the other was completely unexpected.

Vladimir Hnizdo's paper, "Spin-orbit coupling and the conservation of angular momentum"  ( has now been published in European Journal of Physics (subscription or payment required).  This paper cites two of my arxiv papers (0905.0927       and 0709.0319) and also acknowledges me as raising the issue the paper addresses.

The other citation is in a commissioned review article, "Resource Letter EM-1: Electromagnetic Momentum," ( by David J. Griffiths, in American Journal of Physics.  (There is apparently no arxiv e-print but the references may be found here.  The citation of my paper is also noted here.) It appeared in January but I just found out about it last week.  My paper is cited as one of three examples of ongoing research related to "hidden" momentum.  My arxiv paper is in response to one of the other two articles, that was published in American Journal of Physics, that I commented on, and as I posted about previously, my comment was published in the journal, followed by a response by the original paper authors that seemed to negate my comment. Then, when I wrote a further response, it was rejected.

I don't mean to fault American Journal of Physics particularly for not publishing my paper that is now being cited by their own comissioned review article, as I understand they have many many submissions and as a pedagogical journal have to be averse to controversy.  However I am very pleased that this paper is being cited and by such a distinguished author.  It is especially nice because I had essentially given up on that paper and had no further plans to submit it anywhere, and yet it took a lot of time to do the work and write and I thought it obtained an interesting result.  Now it seems reasonable to think I was not the only one to find the results interesting (and in fairness, two of three of the referees were positive about it). 

I do hope and even expect that eventually I will be getting my work published in mainstream peer-reviewed journals, but until it is, getting cited in mainstream journals is a pretty good substitute.  If it was a choice to get published but not cited, versus not published but cited by such distinguished authors, I would have to choose the latter.

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