Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Company Management: "No Current Plan to Hunt Employees For Sport"

Last week when the company where I work finally unveiled its  new contract offer to its engineering and technical workforce, our union  leaders expressed dismay that the proposed contract had removed various clauses of the prior contract, including the one that guaranteed there'd be no hunting of employees for sport by executive management.  The proposed new contract instead refers to Policy 4731, "Hunting Employees For Sport".  This caused quite a lot of concern among the rank and file, understandably.  Why on earth would they remove this guarantee unless they had a plan to commence hunting employees for sport?

Happily, this issue has now been cleared up by company management, as conveyed by the head of the company Negotiating Team.  The motivation for removing this clause was not because of a desire to start hunting employees for sport, but rather out of a desire to standardize the policy in this area across the enterprise.  Having different wording in the union contract from what's in the Policy causes costly confusion.  They also pointed out, Policy 4731 does not currently permit hunting employees for sport, except under very rare circumstances that will not even be encountered by employees who maintain a properly respectful attitude and do as they're told.

Of course having one company-wide policy makes more sense.  And, we now have also an email-expressed assurance, that although the new contract proposal allows the company to change Policy 4731 at its sole discretion and the company policies change "from time-to-time" [sic], there is currently no plan by the company to institute a program of hunting employees for sport.

I'm so glad they cleared that up for us.  

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